Integrated Action Plan for 2018-19

Integrated Action Plan
2018 - 2019

Mesquite High School

PRINCIPLE 1 - Effective Leadership

1.1 Mesquite’s leadership will guide the implementation of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by all stakeholders.
1.2 Mesquite’s leadership will sustain a culture of high expectation for learning and growth of all students within a respectful, professional learning community for all staff.
1.4 Mesquite’s leadership will collaborate with staff, family and community members to meet diverse local community interests and needs.

Needs Statement: Mesquite High School recognizes a need to maintain strong professional ethics and integrity to shape a vision of academic success for all students. Furthermore, we will cultivate leadership with all stakeholders.

Root Cause: Some faculty members have low student engagement and lacks effective use of instructional time.
Desired Outcome: Mesquite needs to increase student engagement , parent/guardian involvement and minimize the amount of “down time” among some faculty members.

SMART Goal: Mesquite will routinely provide PD opportunities and administrative conversations focused on student engagement along with best practices that will maximize allotted instructional minutes.

Strategies and Action Steps: (list 3-5)
1.) Utilize current faculty members to share their best practices and teaching resources
2.) Utilize the internet to share PD opportunities (Edutopia, Education Week, Ted Talks, AVID, MLP, etc.)
3.) Set expectations via faculty meetings, pre/post conference, and observation conferences
4.) Implement a “teacher voice” meetings by department each semester
5.) As more teachers are AVID trained, utilize their knowledge and expertise to share out strategies/techniques at faculty meetings

Measures used to determine successful completion of action steps and impact on student achievement:
* Gather data via classroom observations, walkthroughs and informal walk arounds
* Survey students via monthly “Student Voice” meetings to gauge student perspective
* Change teaching assignments as it relates to data trends
* Increase in student performance based off of the following data
* 4.5 failure list
* Comparison of EOY, MOY & EOY assessments
* Increase in ELA and Mathematics AzMERIT test scores
* Increase in the percentage of students who move from MP to PP: PP to P; and P to HP
* Increase in the percentage of students who either “meets or exceeds” the standards
* Decrease in the number of students on the 5, 10 and 15 week “F” list

PRINCIPLE 6 - Family and Community Engagement

6.1 Mesquite will create and maintain positive collaborative partnership among all school and community members.
6.2 Mesquite will engage in ongoing, meaningful, and inclusive communication among families, communities, and schools.
6.3 Mesquite will engage families in critical data-informed decisions that impact student learning.

Needs Statement: Mesquite High School recognizes a need to create and maintain a more collaborative partnership among our families and school communities in an effort to increase student learning.

Root Cause: Mesquite lacks parent and community volunteers. Besides Orbital, Mesquite lacks partnerships with local businesses.

Desired Outcome: Mesquite will increase the number of volunteers and partnership opportunities within our school for parents community members.

SMART Goal: Mesquite will implement a system of continuous parent and family member participation that involves both in and out of school opportunities that will enhance relationships in which family members become a more invested member of the school culture.

Strategies and Action Steps: (list 3-5)
1.) Utilize Wendy Howe and Parent University by offering monthly presentations on relevant topics to our community. Include the counseling department in decision making.
2.) Utilize monthly IC Blast and (as need arises) School Messenger to solicit volunteers and share relevant school data in an effort to strengthen school/home relationships.
3.) Utilize our school website to highlight our successes for all to recognize.
4.) Implement a senior night called FAFSA Frenzy (or something similar) to involve parents and increase the awareness that high school is nearly complete.

Measures used to determine successful completion of action steps and impact on student achievement:
* Attendance data from Parent University presentations
* Annual parent survey parent data
* Collect data from inquiries via IC Blast and School Messenger
* Quarterly parents/guardians surveys on various topics including: Homework, School Safety, Parent Portal, School & Teacher Communication, General Satisfaction, Curriculum Rigor, School Mission & Vision, Educational Outcomes, etc.
* See an increase in our CCRI score at it pertains to the FAFSA completion percentage


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