Thomas Mihalchick

Tom Mihalchick


Game Development I
Game Development II
Game Development III
Mr. Mihalchick

9 - 12 Business:
Game Development I, II, III

Fall 2017 Schedule

1st Hour     
2nd Hour       Game Development II, III 
3rd Hour      Game Development I
4th Hour Prep
5th Hour Lunch
6th Hour Game Development I
7th Hour 

I began my teaching career at the Ron Bailie School of Broadcast in 1981. I taught a variety of subjects related to radio broadcasting, and became the Educational Coordinator. When the school closed in 1985 I joined the faculty of Mesa Vo-Tech, a vocational education high school within Mesa Public Schools. I taught radio Broadcasting there for nine years.
In 1994 I joined the faculty of Highland High School where I taught English, Video Production, Television Broadcasting (daily announcements broadcast live for 10 minutes each day) and a variety of computer and Business Education classes.
Campo Verde High School opened in 2009 and I was hired as the Career & Technical Education (CTE) department chair. I taught TV Production and Business Education classes. 
I moved to Mesquite High School at the start of the 2014 school year to teach Game Development when the former teacher John Sachs retired from teaching.