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Start of the Year

Welcome Wildcats!

Welcome to all our teachers, staff, and students to the 2024-25 school year! We are excited to learn and be involved with students and the school community.

As we move into the school year I'd like to share our three school improvement goals: Improving Reading Comprehension of Complex Text, Problem Solving Skills, and increasing the Graduation Rate.

Our instructional action steps include: questioning & discussion strategies, word acquisition, annotation skills, problem-solving methods and questioning, and as always, trying to build positive relationships with our students. We are also emphasizing being on time and minimizing distractions in the classroom. This includes promoting cell phone and laptop responsibility, tardy policies, and minimizing unnecessary bathroom visits.

Please help support us with this as you talk with your student. To help track morning tardies, we ask that parents come into the office to sign their students in if they are late.

Again, thanks to everyone involved as we look forward to a successful and productive year for all.

Mr. Lynch

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